Abundis - A Mini but Powerful Love

Added on by Andrew Gawdun.

Roxanne and Ruben are two of my dearest friends.  I've known them since high school as separate people and after high school as a couple.  I'd like to take credit that I in some way brought them together, but that's probably not the case, however I'll still pretend. :-)  Either way it was a pleasure to take some time out of my travels this summer and capture their mini family.  The last time they had any sort of images taken happened to be right before their son Luka was born, who is 2 in a few days... so it was time.  Enjoy their family, and if you are ever in Reno, NV stop by a local pharmacy off Ralston and 4th street and say hello to Roxanne and slyly mention that I was the introducer of their love :)  (kidding)   -AG

All time favorite image from the evening!  What's not to love about this family?!

By far this image is my 2nd favorite of the evening