Back in 2012 I Became an ACE

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I have a goal to be much more prompt on my blog posting this new year of 2013.  I don't think I've ever set this goal but I find it high time to do such.  As I was going through the images I created over the past year I realized just how much I hadn't posted online!  It's ridiculous!  I grew so much as a photographer and a person.  I went on some wild trips over the ocean and by car.  I discovered new places that became a part of my heart, but I never shared the love.  One very place that I fell in love with was, THE ACE HOTEL & SWIM CLUB, in Palm Springs, CA.

Traveling east of Los Angeles will take you to Palm Springs in roughly 2 hours, maybe less.  If you keep your eyes open some road side attractions that you may recognize from movies like, 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' will start to pop up.  -AG

I was highly entertained by the above image.

For those that have never been to Palm Springs the windmill fields signify that you are very close.  (A little trivia for you:  The windmills outside of Palm Springs could actually power the city for 10 years if there was a reason that the everyday electricity ran out.)

Oh and yes they had BINGO!  It's a quick way to my heart.  Hosted by a former singer of the stage they call out numbers and sing show tunes.  I had no idea what songs they were singing but everyone else seemed to know them.

The ACE by far has the most bodacious room's I've ever seen.  I'm not one for robes either but they had the coolest ones that made for great photo attire.

(I enjoyed sharing this part of my life with you.  I know you enjoyed looking so please feel free to click the 'SHARE' button above and let your other friends see, because "Sharing is Caring.")