Personal Space

Added on by Andrew Gawdun.

I've been a grown up and had an actual paid for website and web URL for over a year.  The wonders it has done for my business in the form of web presence and actual public noticement and job bookings.   

If you frequent this site form time to time you may have seen changes in the way things are laid out, stylized and featured, especially when it comes to the blogging I do.  One thing that I love doing is personal projects, it keeps me fresh and alive.  I have plenty to share but always felt like mixing them in normal client/muse featured blog posts made it hard to find those normal client/muse jobs I've worked on.  

So just what am I trying to say?

I've created this new section of the website where I will post only my personal photo projects and thus allowing the other blog section of this website to be dedicated to client/muse jobs I've shot for.  So adjust your RSS readers and add a new link featuring this section so you can keep up with both personal and job related posts :)  -AG

(I may sound crazy and grammar/spelling might be off but It's past 1am and I've gone past tired.)  ;)